How to Prepare for an Abroad Volunteering Trip

Once most people find a volunteering position, the only task that remains for them is knowing what to pack. Not an offence, really; volunteering should be easy and relaxed.

However, there are other things you may want to do to make the trip more gratifying for you. These things help you to become more useful to the course and equip you to learn more from it.

Understand the Course

There is a lot of ‘on-the-job’ learning during volunteering, but learning some beforehand never hurts. It helps you to know exactly what you want to learn while on the trip. If, for instance, you are going for a climate change gig, try to learn about the present state of climate change.

How far have the seas rise? How have seasons changed? What are the causes of climate change? How can the situation be mitigated? Who should we be complaining to or educating? What are the most stirring slogans for the cause? Having these at your fingertips will make you appear like an authority in the cause, making you more effective and bringing you more gratification.

Learn the Language

There will be translators when you go overseas, but it will be more enjoyable to communicate directly with the people you meet. You don’t have to earn a certification; simple courses on sites like Duolingo can equip you nicely and easily. Learning a new language will not only make your stay enjoyable, but it is a significant improvement to your profile too!

Get Fit

You have probably tried to chase that summer body to make your summer more enjoyable. Why not do the same for your volunteering gig too? Volunteering, in addition to serving a cause, is meant to be enjoyed too. Getting fit is a personal improvement, but you can use the volunteering challenge as a goal to motivate you.