Top Five Packing Tips When Volunteering Abroad

After all the excitement of finally getting the chance to volunteer abroad has died down, it is time to get packing. For most people, this is the toughest place to be in, especially if one has never been to the country they will be volunteering in. You do not want to pack incorrectly or to carry things you might never use, whereas you could have brought something more useful.

So, what does one include in their packing list? Here is a detailed guide to help you get started.

Consider Light Packing

Many people travelling abroad for the first time are not sure about what to leave behind. This often leads to people adding too much in their bags that they do not need. Make it your number one goal to pack light and not just fill up your suitcase.

Go with the essentials first, such as clothes. Also, it is better to have less and often wash rather than having too many clothes that may become a burden during your journey. Two or three pairs of denim jeans work best and a few tops.

Vaccinations and Visas

If you are travelling to an African country, you might not necessarily need a visa. Still, evidence of vaccinations is compulsory at most borders. The secret is doing your research before you leave. Sometimes your host or travelling sponsors will let you know what you need. Still, any additional research will always come in handy.

If possible, make sure you have all the necessary health and travel documents a fortnight before your departure day.

Electronics and Gadgets

In this age, almost everyone is attached to their electronics. However, it is essential to note that you do not need them all. Only go with what is useful. In case you need a computer and do not have one you can get a refurbished desktop computer like an imac that will still do the job. You might want to carry your iPod for some entertainment on the road, but other than that, only your phone could be necessary.

Travel Insurance

You can never tell what to expect on your journey, and that is why travel insurance comes in handy. Travel insurance ensures that you get full medical and property cover. The medical cover makes sure that you can get access to medical attention if you need it and property cover ensures your belongings are covered if they get lost or damaged.


Once all your items are secure in your bag and you have ticked them off on your packing list, it is time to think carefully about what to wear. If you are crossing different countries with varied weather patterns, make sure you have prepared accordingly. Having layers such as scarves or a sweater is always the right way of going about it. This way, when it gets too hot, you can always remove some clothing.

Otherwise, always remember to have fun while travelling.