The Most Successful International Development Programs: MDGs

Countries need to have a guideline of development to ensure that development programs run efficiently. Developing countries and developed countries need to work collectively to attain the set targets in the program.

Millennium Development Goals

During the United Nations millennium summit of 2000, the United Nations set some international development targets that were to be achieved by 2015. There were eight targets. At the time, there were 191 member states of the United Nations and 22 international organizations that were aiming to achieve the goals. Some of the development goals included: to eradicate hunger and extreme poverty, global primary education to be achieved, to empower women and enhance gender equality, promote a reduction in child mortality, to improve maternal healthcare, to control malaria and HIV/AIDS, ensure sustainability of the environment, and to promote partnerships around the globe to enhance development.

The goals had set dates for achieving the targets. In 2005, the finance minister of the G8 agreed to fund the International Monetary Fund, World Bank and the African Development Bank. These funds were aimed at clearing poor countries’ debt. This allowed the poor countries to direct most of their resources to education, health care and dealing with poverty.