International Development Programs You Can Volunteer in

There is a wide range of platforms where you can volunteer and offer your services. International development programs are some of the places where your volunteer services may be required. International development programs are many. Most development project volunteers do not need any qualifications. All you have to do as a volunteer is to comply with set regulations and you are good to go. Some of the programs that you can volunteer for include:

Community Development Volunteer Project in Cambodia

This is an international development program where people can offer volunteer services. While giving your free services to the people in Cambodia, you get a chance to experience their hospitality. The volunteer project is meant to help realize the potentials of the disadvantaged communities.

The projects are aimed to improve education, empower women, develop children and to promote justice and peace among the people. Volunteers help the NGOs to attain their goals faster and to promote better lives among the people. The responsibilities of the volunteers include marketing, raising funds, writing grant proposals, planning projects, and surveying. Community development projects take around four or five weeks for a human rights project.

Community Development Projects in Argentina


It is a development project meant to help children. The volunteers need to be good at Spanish and English. The volunteers should provide children with attention, love, basic necessities, and care. The project improves the life quality and standards of living for the children who are living in marginal areas. The areas in which the project is centered around are Water for Perutti and Ciudad Oculta. This is a good development project where you might want to volunteer.

Community Development in Kenya

It is an opportunity for volunteers to provide their services working together with the Massai people. The development program is meant to preserve the culture and improve the life quality of the people. The project is in need of volunteers such as law students, arts and sports educators, English teachers, and any other kind of volunteers. There are no restrictions on academic qualifications. Volunteers need to be open-minded, patient and also willing to share and learn with other people.

International development programs are many and most of them need volunteers to offer the required services to achieve the targets. If you have some free time on your hands, you can take up these or any other awesome opportunities.