The Most Successful International Development Programs: SDGs

The United Nations has set some development goals termed as the Vision 2030 Agenda. It is aimed at ensuring that there is good development taking place in countries. The most successful international development programs include:

The Sustainable Development Goals

It is a global agenda. It was planned by the General Assembly of the United Nations. It kicked off in 2015 as a constituent program for the vision 2030. This program has some development goals that include: ensuring there is low levels of poverty, quality education, gender equality, provision of clean water and sanitation services, clean and affordable energy, economic growth, good infrastructure, promotion of innovations, ensuring there is justice and peace, the establishment of strong institutions, producing and consuming responsibly, eradication of hunger, promoting good health and promoting partnerships among countries to ensure the goals are achieved.

Among the 17 goals, each goal has a target and there are indicators to measure the progress. The United Nations has set 169 targets for the goals and there are 232 indicators. The goals are well known and understood by the countries to make the development plan successful. The development program implementation started in 2016 and rich countries need to work closely with poor countries to make it a success.